IS KENYA READY FOR A FEMALE PRESIDENT? Ms President is a Reality TV show that seeks to portray to a national audience the capacity and ability of women to lead effectively. LEARN MORE LAUNCH SEASON 2
LEARN MORE Yat Madit is a drama series that aims to promote intercultural dialogue and alternative ways of dealing with conflicts
LEARN MORE Finalists of the Ms President election meet
for a 4-day meeting at the EU headquarters
in Brussels
KENYA MEDIA WEEK In this second edition of Kenya Media Week,
we are seeking Kenyan innovative ideas
for the Kenyan digital media space

About Media Focus on Africa

Media Focus on Africa (MFA) is a not for profit organization founded in 2006. It represents a long-standing and unique International, African and East African knowledge base and expertise of the media industry and the political environment in which it operates.

Since 2006 MFA has in close collaboration with CSO / CBO organizations and the media implemented some ground-breaking multi media campaigns on leadership and good governance; free and fair elections and peace building and reconciliation among others.

The campaigns use different media platforms such as internet, SMS, social media, radio, television and mobile cinema screenings and different formats like talk shows, documentaries, drama series and lately reality TV, to reach out to specific audiences. MFA media programs are complimented with training and outreach activities at the national and local level to make active participants of our audiences.  

Our mission is to stimulate social change and development in Africa through the media


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"Young people are the most affected by fake news and propaganda."
Ahead of the Ms President grand finale, the contestants made a visit to the State House where they had a chat on the state of the nation and passed down nuggets of wisdom on what it takes to be President.

In this second edition of Kenya Media Week, we are seeking Kenyan innovative ideas for the Kenyan digital media space….

Over 1000 contestants and 26 episodes later, Hon. Nereah Amondi Oketch, a nominated Member of County Assembly from Homa Bay…

10th December, 2018, Arua 20 Youths from Imvepi refugee settlement and host communities, in West Nile region of Uganda have…

Media Focus on Africa has opened the application process for a leadership TV reality show “‘Ms. President’” a series which will inspire women and girls to become key players in leadership in all spheres of life. The TV show will also aim to change the attitude of Kenyans towards women and leadership.

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The Observer newspaper in Uganda has today featured our Award-winning drama series Yat Madit in its print edition.  Yat Madit…