Angel Mbuthia is a rising star in the world of politics, leadership and public service.

Not only is she the Ms President season 2 winner, she is a member of the Kenya National Youth Council Advisory Board, and the Chairperson of the COMESA Youth Advisory Panel (COMYAP). She is also the Secretary for Gender and International Relations in the All Africa Students Union, based in Accra, Ghana.

Angel’s journey in the Ms President began with her membership of the Mwamko Mpya Party, where she made a name for herself through eloquent and incisive presentations on behalf Mwamko Party. She connected effortlessly with people from different backgrounds.

Her hard work and dedication led her to winning the second season of Ms President. Ms President aims to bridge the gender gap in political representation and participation as well in public policy and decision making positions.

Throughout the competition, Angel impressed the judges with her quick thinking, charismatic personality, and ability to work under pressure. She also demonstrated a strong commitment to social justice and equality, which resonated with the audience.

In the final round, Angel faced off against five other finalists, delivering a powerful speech on the importance of education and the role of women in politics. She received the majority of the votes from the audience through a voting system, making her the winner.

Angel’s win sends a powerful message to young women everywhere, showing them that they can achieve their dreams and make a positive impact in their communities.

As the winner of Ms President season 2, Angel will be awarded a cash prize of USD 20,000 for her to invest in a community project of her choice. She will get support from Media Focus on Africa and other partners to implement her community project and other programs that align with her vision as Ms President.

Angel’s impressive list of accomplishments and her victory in Ms President are a testament to her great leadership capacity and her commitment to making a positive impact in her community, Kenya and the world. With her passion, dedication and hard work, there is no doubt that Angel Mbuthia will continue to make a difference in the world of politics and leadership. She’s definitely one to watch.

Women’s Participation in Kenyan Politics is moving in the right direction

Since the 2013 elections in particular, Kenya has seen a significant increase in the number of women participating in politics. There has been a continual rise in the number of those running for office and the ones succeeding to hold those leadership positions. Today women make up 23.5% of the National Assembly up from 22% in the last parliament. Increasingly women are making their voices heard and breaking through the traditional barriers that have kept them out of the political arena.

Constitution of Kenya 2010 carries provision for realizing gender parity in political leadership and participation. Famously known as the two-thirds gender rule, the provision requires that no gender exceeds two-thirds in terms of its membership of all elective political positions. As a result, more and more women cognizant of this provision are stepping up to seek elective political positions with every election since 2013.

Another key factor that has contributed to this increase is the rise of women’s political organizations and programs. These organizations and programs have been instrumental in providing support and resources for women who are interested in running for office. Further, they have also been instrumental in raising awareness about the importance of women’s participation in politics.

Ms President has been one of such programs that has been at the forefront to highlight the importance of women participation in leadership and inspiring more ways men and girls to become more politically active. The show has been praised for its ability to spark important conversations about women’s participation in politics in Kenya and for its ability to inspire real-world change. A few of Ms President participants are currently occupying high level political leadership positions at the national level such as in the National Assembly and in the national executive. It’s also been credited with helping to shift societal attitudes towards women in politics in the positive direction, as well as encouraging more women to consider running for political office. Overall, Ms President is an important step in the ongoing effort to increase the representation and participation of women in Kenyan politics.

Despite these gains, there is still a long way to go in terms of achieving true gender parity in Kenyan politics. Women still face significant barriers when it comes to running for office, including a lack of financial resources, discrimination, and a lack of political experience.

However, there are many inspiring examples of women who have overcome these barriers and made a real impact in Kenyan politics. For example, Martha Karua, among the few women who’ve run for president in Kenya. She was a Presidential candidate in 2013 and a Presidential running mate in the 2022 election. Currently, there are seven female governors, and several women hold high government positions, including in the Cabinet as Cabinet Secretaries.

In conclusion, the participation and representation of women in Kenyan politics is an essential step in achieving true democracy and representation. We need to continue to work towards creating an environment where women can participate in politics without facing discrimination and barriers. By doing so, we will create a more inclusive and equitable society for all Kenyans.

Increased women’s Political Representation as the sustainable path to reduced Gender Based Violence?

The world is observing the 16 days of activism against Gender Based Violence (GBV). It is an annual campaign that kicks off on the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against women (25th November) and runs until the International Human Rights Day (10th December). This year’s theme is “Activism to end violence against women and girls”. GBV remains a significant challenge in Kenya. According to the KDHS 2014 (the most recent data on GBV in Kenya), 45% of women have experienced physical violence since age 15. 39% of ever married women have experienced spousal physical or sexual violence. In 2021 the Government of Kenya committed to ending GBV by 2026 via a raft of measures including full implementation of GBV laws, increasing funding for GBV prevention and response and integrating GBV services into essential minimum package of Universal Health Care by 2022.

While all these measures are necessary, a less explored factor that could sustainably contribute to reduced prevalence of GBV cases is that of female political representation. According to a 2021 paper by the University of Chile, evidence from Brazil shows that electing female mayors decreased cases of violence, particularly domestic violence committed by partners, by 63%. This is backed up by a working paper series of the Inter- American Development Bank (IDB-WP-1379) which also found that the election of a female House Representative in the USA leads to short term decline in prevalence of femicides in her electoral district.

Here is how women’s political representation impacts on the prevalence of GBV

Female political leaders can help change perception of women in general. Female political representation is likely to improve male views on female’s role in society. When a woman becomes a visible political leader, both men and women change their perception about gender equality. Men may become less likely to commit GBV as a result of more positive views about women in society, fostering changes in gender biased social norms. Evidence from India suggests that long-term exposure to women in office improves perception about female leaders and tends to decrease gender biases.

Evidence from the US suggests that after the election of a female representative, women exhibit greater propensity to complain about harassment and discrimination. Women who are aware of having a female local representative in a position of power may feel more empowered and become more likely to both abandon abusive relationships and to come forward when facing GBV. Also, elected female representatives are likely to exert pressure on the authorities handling of GBV e.g., the police by going to the press or by approaching higher level authorities. We’ve seen Kenyan women MPs hold press conferences to demand action against GBV perpetrators and join in marches against GBV e.g. the #MydressMychoice campaign in 2014.

Policy preferences differ between women and men. A female legislator is more likely than a male legislator to propose and pass bills that deter violence against women and have more active roles on such issues. This was seen in Kenya in 2006 when the then nominated MP Njoki Ndungu (currently a Justice of the Supreme Court) backed by other female MPs championed and led the enactment of the Sexual Offences Act.

As the world observes the 16 days of activism against GBV, it is the right time to interrogate the impact of having more women in elective political leadership on the prevalence of GBV. Based on the cited emerging evidence from Brazil and USA, one of the most impactful and sustainable measures to reduce prevalence of GBV could be greater focus and investment in increasing the representation of women in political leadership.

Angel Mbuthia Is Ms President Season 2

Over 750 women and 20 episodes later, we have a new Ms President. Angel Mbuthia from Kiambu County emerged the winner of Ms President Season 2 during the grand finale that aired on 17th November 2022.

‘’Every boy and girl deserves an education. It is through education that I am here with you today. I will use this opportunity to champion for change,’’ she said in excitement.

Bina Maseno from Nairobi County came in as the 1st runner’s up while Milkah Righa from Taita Taveta County came in as the 2nd runner’s up. Coming in close behind were the rest of the other contestants; Nuru Muhammed (Kwale County,) Pauline Onguko from (Siaya County) and Frida Karani (Embu County)

The 2nd Season of Ms President was made possible by our partners The Canadian High Commission in Kenya with additional support from UN Women in Kenya and The European Union.

Speaking at the event, Janina Cocker the Head of Cooperation in Kenya at the Canadian High Commission in Kenya said that it was important to recognize the accomplishments of the women who have been a part of the show.

‘’Today we celebrate not only the finalists but all the women who participate in this season and the previous season,’’ she said.

Anna Mutavati, the UN Women in Kenya Representative who also spoke at the event echoed similar remarks. She also noted the importance of the show, especially during this election year.

‘’Ms President Season 2 could not have come at a better time because more women are taking up positions in leadership. The 2022 General Elections saw a record number of women take up top positions in government, ‘’ she said.

Among the guests was Season 1 winner Nereah Amondi Aketch. She shared her excitement at getting to see another crop of women compete in the 2nd season while noting that there was still much to do in getting more women in leadership and politics.

Ms President was created to empower women to become key players in preventing the spread of violent extremism and radicalization. It continues to strengthen the institutional and operational capacity of civil society actors and media practitioners to prevent violence against women and protect human rights.

The Country Director of Media Focus on Africa, Harrison Manga shared highlights about some of the previous Ms President contestants who have gone on to taken up seats in government.

‘’Ms President has demonstrated that Kenya has an abundance of talented and capable women leaders,’’ he said.

The final six women competing for the title of Ms President Season 2

The Second season of Ms President premiered on KTN on June 30th, 2022, after a successful Season 1 in 2019. In total, there were 750 applicants for Ms President Season 2. After a thorough review,52 women were selected to join the Ms President Leadership Academy, where they underwent training on topics that cover how the country is run.

Every week, the women had different trainers-all accomplished in their respective fields- take them through the various topics that mirror the functions of the office of The President. The contestants were then assigned tasks to help them apply the knowledge they had learned. Each week, the judges selected contestants to leave the Academy. Now only 6 remain.

Milkah Righa is a Legislative Researcher, Policy Analyst, gender specialist and consultant in matters of gender, inclusive governance and youth leadership. She’s the Founder and First Chairperson of the Taita Taveta Professional Women’s Association, an organization that empowers women to enhance networking and offers mentorship to all women and girls in Taita Taveta County. She started off strong by giving the first presentation for her group Chama Cha Ufanisi na Ustawi. She has gone on to give strong presentations even as an individual.


Nuru Muhammed is an engineer with a BSc. and Msc. in water resources and environmental engineering. She is a champion of sustainable development. She is also passionate about girl education and has participated in the mentorship of girls in schools. She started off as part of the Sawazisha Party and went on to give memorable presentations that kept her in the competition.

Angel Mbuthia is a Director of the Kenya National Youth Council Board. She was recently elected to serve as a Chairperson in the first-ever COMESA Youth Advisory Panel (COMYAP). She is also the Secretary for Gender and International Relations in the All Africa Students Union headquartered in Accra, Ghana. After starting her journey in the Mwamko Mpya Party she has gone ahead to win individual presentations leading up to the current episode.



Pauline Adhiambo is a Public Health Specialist. She is also the immediate former Chair of the 24 counties that have established Service delivery units in Kenya; equivalent to Presidential delivery units. She initiated the model known as an Integrated Quality Team(IQT) in 2012 while working for a Non-Governmental Organization. At the beginning of the competition, she joined the Mwamko Mpya Party which won its second assignment. Her group and individual presentations have led her all the way to the final 6.


Frida Karani is the founder of Stitch in Time My Afrika Projects (SITMAP), co-founder of Transformative Women in Leadership Network (TWILN) and the Sustainable Climate Action in Africa Conference (SCAAC). She has a passion for improved livelihoods, sustainable development and governance that inspired her to mainstream women & youth in development. After starting off her journey in the Sawazisha Party, she has gone on to successfully present on behalf of her group multiple times. Her individual assignment performance also earned her a spot in the final 6.

Bina Maseno is a communications specialist and political aspirant during the 2013 elections. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Badili Africa which merges beauty with civic dialogues for political awareness and involvement with governance and democratic processes in Africa. Additionally, she has been invited to & led global discussions across initiatives like the Obama Africa Leaders Program, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Goalkeepers event in New York, USA. She started off as part of the Mwamko Mpya Party and worked her way through individual assignments and won individual assignments along the way too.

The hard work and resilience of these women is a testament to the calibre of women leaders we have in the country. With less than 6 episodes to go, the remaining women will have to put their best foot forward in order to win the coveted title of Ms President Season 2. Who will be the ultimate winner? Stay tuned to KTN Kenya every Thursday at 8.00 pm to find out

The Rise Of Ms President Contestants

The women of Ms President continue to soar in different leadership positions even after leaving the Ms President Leadership Academy.

The Ms President show was created to enhance women’s participation in political leadership and decision making in Kenya through a multi-media program. Since its launch in 2019, the show has continued to attract both local and international media. This has given the women a platform to highlight the issues that they are passionate about.

Additionally, 55% of Ms President Contestants have reported that Ms President has provided them leadership opportunities not available to them before. As Season 2 of Ms President continues to air, the women who have participated in the show continue to leave their mark in government and other areas of leadership in Kenya.
Honorable Umulkher Harun, who came in second in Season 1 of Ms President has been nominated to be a Member of National Assembly by the ODM Party to represent the youth. She is also the founder of Kesho Alliance, an NGO that exists to improve education by promoting and advocating access to quality education, youth and women empowerment, peace, and security.

Honorable Irene Mayaka who was also a finalist in Season 1 of Ms President has been nominated to be a Member of the National Assembly to represent workers by the ODM party. This comes after a previous nomination in 2019 to the Nyamira County Assembly also by the ODM party. Another Season 1 Contestant who also garnered a seat in the government is Nadia Abdalla. She was appointed by President Kenyatta, to be the Chief Administrative Secretary in the ministry of ICT and Youth.

In Season 1 of the show over 1000 contestants applied to be on the show while over 750 applied to be in Season 2. There are many more examples of Ms Presidents who continue to rise up the ranks in public service as others seek elective leadership positions. 10 Ms President season 1 and 5 Ms President season 2 contestants were candidates for various seats during the August general election. We are proud to be associated with these powerhouses and we cannot wait to see what they will do next.

The Second Season of Ms President Premieres on KTN Home

The first episode of the second season of Ms President has today aired on KTN Home. The show which is the first of its kind aims at increasing women’s political representation and participation in Kenya.

After successfully going through the Ms President Leadership Academy that ran from 16th May to 26th May, the women will now compete for the title of Ms President. Media Focus on Africa created the Academy to expose the women to knowledge about how the country is run. This will allow them to contribute to the pool of competent women leaders in Kenya.

The topics, field visits and high profile networking events covered in the Academy should also help the contestants tackle the assignments given to them during the duration of the competition. They will use the experience and knowledge they attained to go further in the competition.

Competing for the title of Ms President this season will be the 49 successful candidates who were shortlisted from a pool of 320 who auditioned to join the show. In total there were 750 applicants for Ms President Season 2.

The show, produced in partnership with Dream Catcher Productions will air at KTN Home every Thursday at 8.00 pm to 9:00 pm. This season of the show will also air on 8 radio stations; 7 vernacular stations and 1 international station.

Every week, the women will be assigned tasks which they will tackle in groups or as individuals. These tasks will be formulated to test the women’s ability to handle matters to do with running a country. They will also seek to challenge the women to nurture their leadership capabilities.

At the end of every episode, some of the women will be eliminated until one woman is crowned Ms President and gets the prize of USD 200,000. The 1st runners up will receive USD 15,000 while the 2nd runners up will receive USD 10,000.

The second season of Ms President comes after a successful first season. Several Season 1 contestants have gone on to take up public service roles. They have also used their Ms President status to rally communities and take on local, national and even international leadership roles. The aim is to provide the same opportunity to another talented and passionate pool of women to continue to push for more women’s representation in leadership and governance

The “Filamu za kina Dada Uongozini” call is now LIVE!

The “Filamu za kina Dada Uongozini” call is now LIVE!

Here is the link to the application portal:

Filamu Za Kina Dada Uongozini is a film training & production workshop program for Short Films brought to you by Media Focus on Africa (MFA) as part “Ms President” Leadership Programme . MFA is working in partnership with Women In Film – WIFA, DOCUBOX-EADFF and Fleur van Dissel Visual Communication.

Who Qualifies

We are seeking 7 pairs of female filmmakers in the preferred counties of Embu, Kericho, Kajiado, Homabay, Samburu, Kisii, and Wajir. These teams follow 7 females (in their locale) currently in political and community leadership positions or vying for leadership positions in the current election cycle.

This call is highly competitive and we are looking for quality stories that are unique to an authentic story in your locale. Stories from filmmakers all over Kenya can apply, but these 7 counties are preferred.

The female filmmakers who will be selected for this workshop will be mid-level to expert level in their filmmaking abilities, we are not currently seeking complete novices to the world of film.

Deadline for application: 17th June, 2022.

Media Focus on Africa Launches Ms President Season 2 Leadership Academy

Media Focus on Africa has launched the Ms President Season 2 Leadership Academy at Desmond Tutu Conference Center in Nairobi.

After successfully conducting auditions across the country, Media Focus on Africa has launched the Ms President Leadership Academy for Season 2, marking the beginning of the second season of Ms President TV show competition. This season’s Ms President Leadership Academy will run from the 16th of May to the 26th of May 30.  52 successful candidates were shortlisted from a pool of 320 who auditioned to join the Academy. In total there were 750 applicants for Ms President Season 2.

The Ms President Leadership Academy’s purpose is to expose the 52 women to knowledge about how the country is run and contribute to the pool of competent and capable women leaders in Kenya. This prepares them for future high level public service roles, whether elective or appointive.

The topics covered in the academy have been chosen to mirror the functions of the Office of President of the Republic of Kenya. In addition to the training at the academy, relevant and value adding field visits are organized for the women. These field visits provide them with the opportunity to internalize the training and lessons in the Academy. High profile networking events are also organized to provide an opportunity to interact with and create networks with high level players in public service and the diplomatic community.

The Academy also prepares the women for the competition where the ultimate winner is crowned Ms President and gets the winner’s prize of 20,000 USD.

Ms President aims at increasing women’s political representation and participation.

Speaking at the launch, the chief guest, CAS Nadia Abdalla said “There is no handbook to being Ms President. Be yourself. Own your journey. I started here and now I am the youngest Chief Administrative Secretary in the current government.”

The Ms President show has been lauded as a platform that has  raised to the national platform a crop of young new leaders with revolutionary ideas to transform Kenya.

 ‘’Why do we invest in Gender Equality? When believe that when you invest in women, you quadruple your investment” added Janine Cocker, the Canadian High Commissioner to Kenya.

The second season of Ms President comes after a successful first season. A number of Season 1 contestants have gone on to take up public service roles. They have also used their Ms President status to rally communities and take on local, national and even international leadership roles. The aim is to provide the same opportunity to another talented and passionate pool of women in an effort to continue to push for more women representation in leadership and governance.

Countrywide Auditions for Ms President Season 2 Kick Off


Auditions for the second season of Ms President Reality TV show have kicked off with over 300 women getting a shot at being the first female President of the republic of Kenya following successful shortlisting of more than 700 applications.

Ms President Season 2 will contribute to enhancing women’s p participation in political leadership and decision making in Kenya through a multi-media program complemented with community dialogue and capacity strengthening for key stakeholder groups. Coming in the backdrop of the 2022 election makes Ms President Season 2 relevant and timely.

Media Focus on Africa began the auditions in Eldoret on the 28th – 29th of March at Sirikwa Hotel. Eldoret auditions include qualified participants from the following counties;  Uasin Gishu, Elgeyo Marakwet, West Pokot, Trans Nzoia, Nandi, Bungoma and Turkana.

Later on the team will head out to Kisumu for the 31st of March- 1st April auditions, where qualified participants from the following counties will audition; Homabay, Siaya, Migori, Kisii, Busia, Nyamira  Vihiga and Kakamega, followed by Isiolo on the 4th of April- 5th April. Auditions here will include qualified participants from Garissa, Wajir, Mandera, and Marsabit.

This will be followed by Nyeri, where qualified participants from the following counties will audition; Nyeri, Murang’a, Kirinyaga, Embu, Tharaka Nithi, and Meru, followed with Nakuru, with participants from the following counties; Bomet , Kericho , Narok , Nyandarua, Laikipia , and Baringo, followed with Nairobi with participants from; Kiambu, Machakos , Makueni , Kitui , and Kajiado then wrap up the auditions in Mombasa where particpants from the following counties will audition; Kilifi, Kwale, Taita Taveta,  Tana River, and Lamu

The auditions include both verbal and written interviews before a panel of three judges from the Media Focus on Africa. Successful candidates will be notified of their results by the end of April. The auditions in various venues across Kenya will see 50 women selected to join the Ms President Academy.  At this point, production for the Ms President show begins.

“We are looking for a qualified woman who is bold enough and ambitious to take up the President role in the future. ‘’- Frenny Jowi auditions judge.

The objective of Ms President is to change Kenyans’ perception and attitude towards leadership by women in communities and in the country.

Kenya’s constitution provides for equality in representation between men and women. However, in political leadership, women are significantly underrepresented. Following the 2017 election, female MPs make up only 22% of the National Assembly, 31% of the Senate and only 6% of the Governors.

Ms President Season 1 saw several of the participants take up notable leadership positions that have seen them do tremendous things in the society.  55% of Ms President Contestants have reported that Ms President has provided them leadership opportunities not available to them before. Three examples: Nadia Abdalla, Mombasa County contestant has since been appointed Chief Administrative Secretary in the ministry of ICT and Youth. Betty Adera, the Nairobi County contestant is now President of KANU Political Party Women Congress, a member of the One Kenya Alliance (OKA) technical team and Patron of the Young Women’s Forum in Africa by the Africa Youth Trust. Linet Mavu, Taita Taveta contestant has been appointed by the President to the Intergovernmental Relations Technical Committee. Many of Season 1 contestants are currently running for various MP and MCA positions.

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#MsPresident Season 2 winner @AngelMbuthia together with our Country Director @mangandomo paid a courtesy call to @unwomenkenya Country Representative @annamutavati and shared her plans to advance women's empowerment in the Kenya.

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Women are making their voices heard and breaking through the traditional barriers that have kept them out of the political arena. What role has #MsPresident played in this? Click the link below
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Today we celebrate all the amazing women who participated in the second season of Ms President. These women showed immense courage and heart, and we're so grateful for their contributions. Thank you, ladies!

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We at Media Focus on Africa Wish you and your loved ones a joyous Christmas season filled with hope, positivity, joy, and love.

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There is a great deal of research that suggests that when women are better represented politically, the prevalence of GBV (gender-based violence) decreases.

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What are you doing about gender inclusivity in your Newsroom?

👉 @JoeWacha from @EtoilAKaramoja tells us...
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