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Uganda – Annual Report 2022

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Gender: Women in Media
In line with our strategic plan to promote and support women in media, we will continue to engage media houses, journalists and other actors
to create an enabling environment for journalism to thrive, especially for female media practitioners (journalists, film producers, content creators
etc.) Key priorities include capacity building on creating gender policies, promoting digital inclusion and gender transformative content reporting.

Uganda Media Week
Media Focus on Africa Uganda is going to host the 5th Edition of Uganda Media week. The event brings together key actors in Uganda’s media
industry to reflect on the challenges facing the industry and deliberating together to find workable solutions to these issues. This year MFA will
commemorate the 5th edition of the event on the 2nd – 3rd November 2023. Prior to this, MFA will also hold pre- media week dialogues in regional
cities between August and October 2023.

Promoting Youth Participation in Politics
Media Focus on Africa Uganda, Impact Unified, and Public Policy Institute on to promote youth participation in politics through new media
technology, training and dialogues in preparation for meaningful youth engagement in the next upcoming elections 2026.The consortium will reach
at least 5 regions of Uganda to engage young people through working with youth led CSOs on key topics of Democracy, Elections, Governance,
service Delivery. An app has been created for which content has been uploaded for the youth so that they can be well informed on the matters but
also access and engage and demand accountability from their leaders and also make more informed decisions about their leaders.

MS President Uganda
MFA Uganda would like to launch Ms President Uganda ahead of the 2026 general elections.
Ms President is an educating, thoughtful and entertaining reality TV show that seeks to show the national audience the capacity and ability women
have to lead effectively in any society. MFA Uganda would like to launch this project with the main emphasis on increasing women participation in

Digital Inclusion
Media Focus in Africa (MFA), continues to empower journalists with essential skills and knowledge to effectively report on digital rights in quickly
changing technological landscape in Uganda. The trainings will cover various aspects of digital rights reporting with a focus on digital inclusion of
marginalized groups. Additionally, MFA is working closely with rural based journalists to fill their basic digital literacy gaps.


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Media Focus on Africa
Media Focus on Africa4 months ago
On this day, a year ago, we proudly announced Angel Mbuthia as the winner of Ms President. A true embodiment of leadership, grace, and resilience. Her journey continues to inspire us all.

Media Focus on Africa
Media Focus on Africa4 months ago
Curious to learn about the tangible impact of our #MsPresident program? Dive into the numbers, stories, and lessons learned in our comprehensive new report. Be inspired by the change driven by women leaders!
Media Focus on Africa
Media Focus on Africa4 months ago
Insights From the Recently Concluded Community Dialogues: Over the past few months, a series of impactful community dialogues took place in various counties across Kenya including, Homabay, Kisii, Kericho, Samburu, Embu, Kajiado, and Wajir. Read on below.


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Media Focus on Africa Uganda
Media Focus on Africa Uganda4 weeks ago
In 2020, our social media campaign against #GBV took a powerful stance. We also ran talk shows on radio stations. Our aim was to confront the rising cases during the lockdown, making a tangible impact. The impact goes beyond airwaves, sparking change on the ground.
Media Focus on Africa Uganda
Media Focus on Africa Uganda4 weeks ago
In conflict-prone Rwenzori, We influenced change and made a difference by fostering peace and reconciliation. The Fireplace focused on empowering local media practitioners with skills in scriptwriting, video, and audio production. Together, we are using the power of radio to bring communities together, echoing the tradition of the 'Fire Place' as a symbol of conflict resolution.
Our initiative in the Rwenzori region went beyond media training; it's about empowering communities through radio drama. 'The Fire Place' radio series, inspired by the region's cultural practices, aimed to reignite the tradition of resolving conflicts around the fireplace. Through the airwaves, we're fostering dialogue, understanding, and unity.

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📻💬 #RadioImpact #PeaceInRwenzori #MediaForUnity #MediaMattersUG
Media Focus on Africa Uganda
Media Focus on Africa Uganda1 month ago
Our collaboration with radio stations in every region has empowered communities through informed discussions, amplifying diverse perspectives and fostering dialogue on key media issues. Our impact extends beyond broadcasting, influencing communities and shaping narratives🇺🇬 🇺🇬
Media Focus on Africa Uganda
Media Focus on Africa Uganda1 month ago
...Many in the news industry found 2023 to be a confusing and even challenging year, in which new AI functionality seemed to appear weekly, speculation was rife and clarity about what it all meant was hard to find...
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Media Focus on Africa Uganda
Media Focus on Africa Uganda1 month ago
Talking Journalism: Over the years we have found that creating platforms for candid discussions about journalism contributes to strengthening the media landscape in the Country. Through the Uganda Media Week Conference and Dialogues thought provoking discussions have contributed to great networks, collaborations, innovations and unique approaches to uphold quality and independence in Uganda.
Media Focus on Africa Uganda
Media Focus on Africa Uganda1 month ago
📰Our Media Week 2023 report captures the essence of our discussions, innovative ideas, and collaborative efforts to shape the future of media.

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