Uganda Media Week


Uganda Media Week is an annual forward thinking event that brings together storytellers, media professionals and stakeholders from all over Uganda to share ideas, insights and strategies for how to advance their careers and brands in an age of unprecedented technological changes in the media landscape.


Prior to the 2019 Media Week, 1 thematic event and 3 media round table meetings were held bringing together more than 100 media professionals. The thematic event was organised by Deutsche Welle, with the support of MFA and consisted of a workshop on Media Viability in East Africa.

During the Media Week, topics covered were;

  1. Fake news and disinformation
  2. Creating Mechanisms around self regulation
  3. Media Viability

Some of those who attended had the following to say;

“The Uganda Media Week was very well organised and the range of topics discussed was on point. Topics touching on the media sustainability were particularly interesting and the speakers were able to bring the current issues especially the challenges faced by legacy media in the face of digital disruption into context. Business model is going to be the lifeline for media sustainability and the theory of the subject matter was well tackled”

Alex B. Atuhaire; Editorial Director, PML Daily — Executive Member, Uganda Editors’ Guild

“Uganda media week 2019 was a total success to me. I was privileged to present the report on the Safety for female journalists in Uganda. Judging from the responses, this was an eye opener to the various stakeholders and a realization that there is still a lot of work needed to acquire safe working spaces for female journalists”

Joan Comfort Aguzu, Uganda Media Women’s Association (UMWA).

“The Media Week is critical as it provided a unique opportunity for media, in its broadest sense, to have candid conversations on issues that have affected it. It is important that these conversations continue as the issues (misinformation, professionalism, safety and security) are pertinent and will only get addressed or given the deserved attention if they are kept on the agenda”

Paul Kimumwe, CIPESA

“Apart from being privileged to attend and participate, I was able to network with senior media colleagues, media experts. I acquired knowledge on how digital media works and how it should continue to be handled at this moment of contemporary World. Media Week also reminded me of the key needs to strengthen my individual capacity to stay safe while using digital technologies, and to pass the same message to the team I work with”

Milton Akwam, Editorial Director, TND News


Media Focus on Africa is in the process of organizing the second edition of Uganda Media Week. The theme in 2020 will focus on media during the election period, as Ugandans warm-up for the upcoming general elections scheduled to take place in Early 2021.