Videos from our YouTube and Vimeo channels

Media Focus on Africa designs and produces locally contextualised media programmes for social change. Multi-media campaigns that simultaneously harness the potential of television, radio, print, mobile phones, and the Internet. These campaigns are combined with a strategy to strengthen the capacity of key actors who are able to influence the behaviour, beliefs and perceptions of the public at large. 

Below are some videos of our Youtube and Vimeo channels.

Playlist: Ms President Reality Tv Show  

For over 26 weeks Ms President Reality Tv show was aired on KTN Home. What was it about though? What was the aim and impact of the show? What was the journey like? If you missed it, you can watch the episodes here. 

Episode 1 -30 

Playlist: Kenya Media Week
In partnership with National Endowment for Democracy and Mobile Journalism Africa, Kenya Media Week 2019 brought together journalists, content creators and the who’s who of the media industry. Watch the recap to see what you missed.

Episode 1 -30 

Changing lives through film and dialogue

Mobile phone reporters

Leadership debates 2012

Vioja Mahakamani – episode 1 (Bad verses Hate Speech)


Michakato Majimboni – Narok Show


The Executive – Documentary


The Executive – Outro


Leadership Examples 2012 – Kakamega


Chanuka Girls – Last Show


The Team Season 3 – Ep 9 (The meaning of community)


Tyme Yetu – Episode 8 – Peace & Insecurity


Cute House