Media Focus on Africa (MFA) is a not for profit organization founded in 2006. It represents a long-standing and unique International, African and East African knowledge base and expertise of the media industry and the political environment in which it operates.  Since 2006 MFA has in close collaboration with CSO/CBO organizations and the media implemented some ground-breaking multi media campaigns on leadership and good governance; free and fair elections and peace building and reconciliation among others. The campaigns use different media platforms such as internet, SMS, social media, radio, television and mobile cinema screenings and different formats like talk shows, documentaries, drama series and lately reality TV, to reach out to specific audiences. MFA media programs are complimented with trainings and outreach activities at the national and local level to make active participants of our audiences.


“To stimulate social change and development in Africa through the media”.

Media Focus on Africa Foundation (MFA) was founded on the premise that increased flows of quality information, reaching out to people living in Africa and build societies that are better informed on priority issues of democratization and human development. We work in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, DRC and RC.


MFA promotes the concept of communication for development (C4D), as a means to empower people through carefully targeted and contextualized messages on key themes leading to social change. MFA provides space for people to voice their aspirations on issues of leadership and governance, free and fair elections, peace building and nationhood, while mainstreaming gender and socio-economic justice.

With our activities we aim to:

  • Identify and accelerate communication that enables people hold governments accountable.
  • Enable collective analysis and action by the people most affected by a development or governance issue. Convey basic information and use simple, culturally appropriate language to get that information out.
  • Use mass media and new media strategically to convey information and connect people


Our Approach

MFA’s develops and produces media programmes for social change. Multi-media campaigns that simultaneously harness the potential of television, radio, print, mobile phones, and the Internet, have proved to be very effective at providing a wide range of actors within a common space to voice their concerns and aspirations.

Our main competencies
  • Design and implementation of Multi-Media Campaigns
  • Design of Innovative Media formats
  • Research
  • Training
  • New media applications
  • Local networks
Our main strengths
  • Creativity and open mindedness
  • Consciousness of the changing environment
  • Innovative strategies
  • External networks


Paul Van Leeuwen,
Laurence Caron,
Head of Programmes
Mburugu Gikunda,
MFA Board Member/executive producer:  
Harrison Manga
Projects Manager
Jan Ajwang,
Project Manager
Ruth Nagudi,
Project Officer
Dominic Mutute,
Finance and Administrative Officer:  
Simon Gicia,
Communications Officer:  
Virginia Wanjiku Njoki
Office Assistant: 

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